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  • Atma Namaste : Uniting With The Deeper Self by Anwar Haidary

    Life can often be challenging, and at
    times, it can feel like we’re stuck in a
    never-ending cycle of struggle and pain.
    But there is hope. In this powerful book,
    you will discover the ancient wisdom of
    the Law of Karma and how it is applied
    to your life to bring peace and positivity.
    When I saw the title, “Atma Namaste,” I
    wondered what kind of information
    would be in this book. Usually, you think
    “Atma” is spirit, and I thought, “Is this
    book going to describe spirits and how
    to connect with them?” And lo and
    behold! I realized that the book speaks
    about me. The author has given me a
    different perspective about myself! I
    was impressed.
    Anwar has clarified and elaborated on
    our understanding of Karma. He has
    beautifully explained the concept of
    Karma and given the reader the
    direction in which one can put their
    efforts to improve their life’s conditions.
    The usual tendency is to shy away from
    spiritual talks assuming that it is not
    relevant to our life as we live it. But wait!
    First, read the book to its very end, and
    you will realize how easy it is to apply
    spiritual principles to our daily lives.

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